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Kiss the Light


Along the Way

About Wyatt Norton

With a deep bag of originals, Wyatt flavors his solo work with roots-informed indie folk, indie soul and blues rock stylings. He also has plenty of tasty covers up his sleeve, ranging in a multitude of genres and eras from recent to far from recent decades.  Norton began performing publicly in Orlando circa 2012 and then moved to St. Pete in 2016, quickly establishing himself as one of the scene's talents to watch.  In July of 2022 Wyatt launched a full band known as Beach Terror.  Putting himself along side his brother Toby Norton and friends John Ewing and Pat Martyn, The band plays twangy, surfy, psychedelic blues and indie rock.  They recently had there first show outside of Florida in Asheville, NC and are getting ready to record an EP.

Wyatt Norton's solo music is available on all streaming platforms and you can keep up with the latest with him on instagram @wyatt__norton




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